Text Box: A common misconception about cats is that they are 
"self-cleaning pets" and don't need professional grooming. 
However, a cat cannot properly groom its entire body, 
no matter how it contorts itself.

  A professionally groomed cat ingests much less 
  dead hair during the self-grooming, thus cutting 
  down on unhealthy hairballs and unsightly retching.

Shedding and shredding will no longer be a problem 
because professionally groomed cats shed less 
and can't ruin your furniture with their neatly 
trimmed nails.

These aspects of professional grooming improve 
the cat's health and quality of life. And a happy 
cat means a happy owner
Text Box: Our feline grooming prices are based on:
type of groom
special handling of cats
temperament---It is our experience that 90% of cats enjoy grooming, and many surprise their owners.  However, there is always that 10% who insist on being the boss, and when they say they're done, THEY'RE DONE!  Prices will be adjusted accordingly in such circumstances.  Even in light of this fact, we are more than happy to give every cat an opportunity to be groomed.

Little Shop of Howlers

Pet Salon and Day Spa

Cats are a welcome sight at our shop.  They take their beauty very seriously, and so do we!  Your kitty's spa day consists of:

 an evaluation of the skin and coat condition

 a price estimate for the owner, and time estimate of when the kitty will be done

 complete brushing (or clipping) to remove all tangles, excess hair, and maximize the effectiveness of the bath

 a warm, hydro massaging soak in the bath with a shampoo specifically designed for cat's needs

 nail trimming

 ears cleaned

 towel and blow drying

 finish brushing (or clipping)

 topped off with cologne, and bows or a designer scarf

Your puss is now ready to be picked up and adored all the way home!

No Fur
No Paws
No Service


Text Box: Little Shop welcomes cats and dogs, however, we realize some of our feline friends are not as open to sharing a salon with their canine counterparts. To resolve this dilemma, we now offer "Canine-free, Kitty days" once a month. While we still cater to the kitties everyday, this may be especially helpful for cats who find going to the spa not quite as fun as lounging in the sun.