Bear is a 2 year old German Shepherd / Rottweiler mix. He was adopted from the Woodbridge Animal Shelter at 8 weeks old. Bear loves running agility with his mom.  Tunnels hold some scary mysteries and seesaws are not natural in this dog's life, but he seems to be conquering those fears.  Bear also loves to play at the dog park and is quite the charmer! 

His one desire is to play play play, whether it be with his kitty housemates or his many friends that drop in to visit him at the salon.  He loves to be loved, so make sure you say hello when you see him, and get one of his favorite treats to take home with you! 

Kimba is a Norwegian Forest Cat mix. At the age of 8 weeks Kimba was given to Erin by her lovely sister, Kate.  She has all four double paws, and lives to cuddle under the covers with Erin.  Kimba insists on sitting on Erin's lap whenever she is at the computer, usually drooling all over her leg by the time she's done.  Studies show that Kimba is the sweetest cat on the planet!  So far, this fact has yet to be refuted. 

Bullseye will forever be a barn cat.  Manners have seemed to evade this young man's 9 lives.  After a night of protecting the world from all the dangers lurking in the dark, he comes home with a ravenous appettite, and quite the vocal chords to let you know it.  As he gets older, Bullseye is learning to cuddle for brief moments, and when he is picked up for some loving he does humor you with a quick purr or two, then it's off to save the world!


Bostitch is Pesterís kitten. She is now 6 months old. Bostitch is a sweet kitten.  Although she seems to have inherited some of the more mischievous traits of her mother, she wants to give kisses to everyone she meets, either kisses or she thinks everyone's got a dirty face! 

Stella is a 1 yr old Colombian Red Tailed Boa.  She is loved by Erin, avoided by other members of the two legged family, and very†††††††††† intriguing to the four legged members.  For†† those who are not reptile aficionados, they do have personalities very similar to dogs and cats, though you must be close to know their more intricate quirks.  Stella is very friendly, and very open to anyone handling her.  Her favorite pastime is to cuddle next to you on the couch while you watch a movie. 

Pester (shown here relaxing with Bear) is a 1 year old rescue cat. Pester, who's Christian name is actually Hester, was given this nickname on account of all the mischief she gets herself into.  Her favorite toy is a feather boa which she promptly attacks and "kills". 

Pester's favorite pastimes include: eating, throwing kitty litter as far as she can right after Erin has cleaned it, and harassing the other cats. 

Vera is a long haired tuxedo cat. Now 6 months old, she was adopted by Erin at one of PetCoís cat adoption days. Vera, the newest member to Erin's family, is following in Kimba's big pawprints.  Vera is very unassuming, and always allows others to go ahead of her at the food dish.  She will however, suprise you with an attack if you happen to be moving any  muscle of your body when she's in play mode.  Erin is very happy to have gained such a sweet kitten. 

Mercedes, a Bengal/Maine Coon mix, is a 7 month old rescue kitten. Mercedes is the drama queen of the group.  Everything must be done with style and flair!  Her long elegant tail is incorporated into everything she does.  She knows she's beautiful!  While she is usually happy sitting on the deck and letting the world gaze at her, she does enjoy some aggressive petting.  By this we mean, she literally throws herself into your hand to get attention and will go so far as to lose her balance and fall off the bed to get pet by someone, anyone! 

Please visit Babyís Memorial Page.

could use a break from his puppyish antics, but they are great friends and love to play together.  Izzy's main job is to serve as Erin's grooming competition dog.  Together

they will travel the Northeast in search of victory....that is as long as he has any hair left from his and Bear's playtimes!  Watch for them around Hamden, and the surrounding towns, as Izzy's Technicolor dream coat changes from one color to the next...depending on the occasion! 

Welcome the Legend of Sleepy Howler!  Zee Zee, as we call him at home (or Izzy), is the newest member of Erin's herd.  He is an 8 month old Standard Poodle.  His adoption was not expected, but the thought of him going to any other home never crossed their mind.  Izzy has been a wonderful fluffy addition to the family since day one.  As soon as he laid eyes on Bear, it was love at first sight!  In Izzy's mind they're inseparable, sometimes it seems Bear

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