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Back from Intergroom!

Posted by Erin on Tuesday, April 21, 2009, In : Little Shop News 
Well, I (Erin) went to Intergroom this past weekend to compete in 3 competitions as well as do some shopping and attend some seminars.  I left on Thursday to drive to Somerset, NJ with my Standard Poodle, ZZ, my American Cocker Spaniel, Rip, and a customer's baby, Jake, an Irish Terrier. 

My first competition was Friday morning with Jake in the Handstripped Terrier class.  We did not place because we are still learning Jake's growth cycle and he did not have enough hair to make a significant ...
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Introducing Salon Rental

Posted by Little Shop on Tuesday, April 7, 2009, In : Spa Services 
In response to increased interest, we are now offering private appointments to those pets seeking the ultimate Zen experience.  Is your pet nervous around other people or pets?  Do you want an exclusive styling session with our staff?  Come experience the serenity a private appointment can offer. 

We cater to many pets who are rescued and have questionable pasts.  Often these pets are skittish and become withdrawn somewhat when in a new environment.  While we keep Little Shop low volume every...
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Just for fun

Posted by Little Shop on Thursday, April 2, 2009, In : Miscellaneous 
I saw this pet spa game and thought everyone would enjoy spending a day as a pet stylist.  Post your results so we can all see who's the cat's meow!

Careful, it's addicting!  Enjoy.

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APRIL Web Special

Posted by Erin McLaughlin on Thursday, April 2, 2009, In : Little Shop News 
For VIPs and first time customers: receive $5 off the Deshedding Treatment when you mention this web special!  Visit our Salon Services page to learn more about our Deshedding program.  Imagine a house without those pesky tumbleweeds in every corner and a vacuum bag not full after three passes over the carpet!

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Are you ready for some shedding?

Posted by Little Shop on Thursday, April 2, 2009, In : At-Home Grooming Tips 
The latest trend seems to be dogs that don't shed.  While some dogs do shed considerably less than others, all dogs shed hair.  It is part of the natural growth cycle of each hair.  There are 3 phases to hair growth:

  1. Anagen: the active growth cycle of the hair follicle, length of time in this phase is dependant on breed type and other factors.

  2. Catagen: temporary phase where growth has stopped.

  3. Telogen: in this phase, the hair is considered dead and ready to be removed from the follicle in order...

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