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Let us know how we're doing.

Posted by Erin McLaughlin on Saturday, October 24, 2009, In : Little Shop News 
We want to give you and your pets the best experience they have ever had at a pet salon and spa.  Please fill out our forms we have available on our website to improve our services.  Check out the VIP page for a link, as well as the Contact Us/FAQ page for the "Fill Out My Form" link.  We greatly appreciate your input and hope to bring you even better service in the future.

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The howlidays approacheth...

Posted by Erin McLaughlin on Saturday, October 24, 2009, In : Pet Health Tips 
Prepare your body, mind, and spirit for the upcoming festivities, and don't forget to be prepared to be extra careful of your pets as well.  With all the treats laying around, our pets are bound to get a hold of something.  Here's some foods that we need to keep out of reach of our hungry pets paws:

  1. Nuts: we know for certain macadamia nuts are one of the most toxic nuts for dogs, followed by walnuts and almonds, especially bitter almonds.  When dogs get into these delicious nuts, dogs seem to ...

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