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Hurricane Sandy survivors!

Posted by Erin McLaughlin on Saturday, November 3, 2012, In : Spa Services 
If you and your pet have been displaced by Sandy, we would like to offer our self serve facilities to you this Sunday from 12-4pm free of charge to bathe and blowdry your pet.  We hope this will make sleeping at someone else's home or a shelter a little easier.  No need to make an appointment, just come on down, we will be there.  We look forward to giving back to our community as best we can and hope to find you settled soon.  Please tell your family and friends who are in need. 
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Posted by Erin McLaughlin on Saturday, November 3, 2012, In : Local Pet Events 
Welcome to our Open House Festival!!!!  We look forward to being able to let our fur down a little and have some fun with our friends and their pets.  There is a lot planned tomorrow, here is our schedule...remember we are dog people so everything is a little flexible.  :)

Rescue Roundup Grooming Competition @ Little Shop of Howlers

   - local groomers will be giving homeless pets a much needed makeover in the hopes that they will go to their forever homes clean and happy.

Agility Demo w...

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My sincerest apologies...

Posted by Erin McLaughlin on Saturday, November 3, 2012, In : Little Shop News 
As you can see, I have been very lax on updating my are my following list of excuses: my computer decided to put itself down, I do not have internet at the shop, I attended 3 grooming competitions and was a speaker at one trade show since my last post, I went on vacation, I was tired, I had to play with my attention hungry dogs, I had to work.....hhmmmm, I'm sure I could think of some more things, but I feel sufficiently justified in my mind.  ;)  I apologize for my respite and am...
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