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Let the Summer of Little Shop BEGIN!!

Posted by Erin McLaughlin on Sunday, June 9, 2013, In : Little Shop News 
After moving to our new space 3 years ago, we had such grandiose ideas of what we wanted to do....well, now we have begun that process.  Better late than never! :) Such is life. 

We started with our new daycare apartments.  Now pets in our care are able to stretch their legs or nap on their beds/hammocks while waiting for their parents to come and pick them up.

Next up was asking two local artists to come paint custom murals, one in the self serve area, the other on the bay doors in our recep...
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Rain rain go away!

Posted by Erin McLaughlin on Sunday, June 9, 2013, In : Spa Services 
With lots of rain comes lots of mud!  Yuck!  Still a little too cold to use the hose in the backyard for your pooch?  Don't feel like creating even MORE mud in your yard only to have your freshly bathed pet run through it?  Come to our Self Serve Pet Spa for a much cleaner, more efficient, easier and faster bathing experience.  We do all the cleanup for you and your yard is none the worse for wear.  It's really a win-win situation.  Be sure to stop in this summer for a visit.  We also had a l...
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Tina's trip to Best Friends Animal Society

Posted by Erin McLaughlin on Sunday, June 9, 2013, In : Miscellaneous 
Be careful what you say to Tina when you come into the shop...mention Best Friends and you may want to grab a cup of coffee before she gets started cause you're going to be chatting for awhile. :) Tina went to Best Friends Animal Society earlier this year and it changed her life.  She is literally counting the minutes until she can be back there and ultimately when she can live there year round (I shudder at the thought!). 

Upon her arrival, she was greeted by resident pets and she knew immed...
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