So I had big plans of blogging about our Westminster party.  About Westminster in general.  Then about the first grooming competition of the year in Atlanta and so on, and somehow the time got away from me.  So here are all the blogs I wanted to write wrapped up into one.  

Our Bark Central party was so much fun!  We had about 25 people attend and we were so rowdy they gave us a private room with a projection tv screen and our own dedicated waitstaff.  Earlier in the day I had gotten the news that my Kerry Blue, Clare's sister, River, had won Best of Breed.  This means she was the best representation of a Kerry Blue out of all the dogs entered that day.  The top 3 Kerry's in the country were present!!  To top it off, it was their 3rd birthday, February 11, that day!  So my friend/mentor/breeder Cheryl Purcell who bred, owns, handles and grooms River was going to be on the big screen.  I was ecstatic.  My excitement could not be contained!  They showed great, and though she did not make the cut, it was such an amazing accomplishment just to win the Breed that we are all still flying high! 

During the commercial breaks we played pup trivia.  Kathy from Paws N Effect and I were interviewed by a writer for the Hamden Journal who put out a lovely article the next day.  Front cover.  Above the fold.  :)  In the end the Wire Fox Terrier, Sky, took home the prized title of Best In Show.  Our party slowly dissipated with smile all around.  I cannot wait for our next shindig!

The second weekend in March I headed down to Atlanta, GA for the Atlanta Pet Fair.  I competed with my toy poodle, Rondo, my Kerry, Clare, and two wonderful customer's dogs, Simon (mini poodle) and Gwen (Eng Setter). I was very happy with the finished haircuts though I only placed second in the class and the group with Clare.  The show was very productive however and was lucky enough to be asked to bring the World Championship Trophy back up to New England.  It is on display at the shop for another week or two but then will be off to Intergroom in New Jersey.  Be sure to come see it, as it is a beautiful trophy and hard earned by Groom Team USA.