Little Shop Of Howlers

  • Pets must be up to date with their rabies vaccine.  Showing written proof from your veterinarian, or having the vet call us are both acceptable forms of proof; tags on the collar are not acceptable as they do not show the expiration date. 

  • Pets must be leashed or in a carrier when coming into and leaving the salon.  We are not responsible for unleashed pet's behavior.  This is for your pet's safety as not all pets are receptive to chance meetings in neutral territory. 

  • Please give 24 hours advance notice in the event of a cancellation.  After 2 cancellations within 24 hours of appointment, we must ask customers to prepay a non refundable deposit for future appointments. 

  • Little Shop suggests arriving 15 minutes early for your pet's spa stay in order to discuss your pet's styling needs.  Appointments arriving more than 20 minutes late may need to be rescheduled or charged an overtime fee. 

  • Pets left in the salon's care for more than a total of 4 hours will be upgraded to the Pet Playtime Package and charged accordingly. 

  • We do not groom sedated pets, nor do we sedate pets in the salon.  We retain the right to refuse service to any pet we feel is unable to be groomed safely whether due to aggressiveness, age or health. 

  • Our stylists take your pet's health and safety very seriously, and therefore will not dematt badly matted dogs.  We allot 15 minutes of dematting time; any pet requiring more than this amount of dematting will be clipped to avoid pain and frustration.  Extra fees will apply.  We will discuss these possibilities with you at check in, or over the phone before we clip your pet. 

  • Pets with any communicable disease cannot be groomed until a written vet's note confirms they are no longer contagious.  Pets with open wounds or stitches will also not be groomed until they are healed properly.  This ensures safety for your pet, other pets, and salon stylists.

  • We welcome senior and special-needs pets, however, their comfort comes first and foremost in the planning of their styling.  When your pet checks in, we will discuss appropriate hair style options.  Throughout the groom, your pet's safety and comfort take precedence over cosmetic desires.

  • Little Shop accepts cash, check, VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER.  A returned check fee will be applied to the original bill when necessary.

  • Prices are based on a pet's size, coat condition, and temperament.  All prices displayed in the salon, on the website, or given over the phone are estimates based on breed standards.  Extra fee can include overweight pets, matted or severely unkempt coats, or difficult pets.

  • If you have any questions, concerns, or are dissatisfied with your experience, please contact us within two business days of your appointment. 

  • Pet parents are welcome to stay during their pet's spa stay, however we ask that parents not speak to their pet while they are on the table as it gets them overly excited and can make grooming more difficult.  We do offer tours of our salon, but while stylists are working, owner's must watch from our reception and viewing areas.

(203) 288-3330
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