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Your pet's spa visit will include a massaging bath with all-natural shampoo -- appropriate for your pet's needs -- refreshing blueberry facial scrub, and  towel drying, followed by hand blow drying.  Once dry, your pet will receive a full body brushout to remove excess hair and tangles, and to encourage healthier skin and coat growth. Finally, a nail trim and ear cleaning finish off the basic spa package.  A custom trim is also included in the full styling package. Each pet goes home with an informative report card, as well as a designer scarf and bows. 

Try these extra services to customize your pet's spa experience:

Teeth Brushing ~ $6

Oatmeal Shampoo ~ free

Feline Soft Paws ~ $15

Deodorizing ~ $20

Flea & Tick Funeral ~ $6

Ear Hair Removal ~ free upon request

Gland Expression ~ $13 and up 

Nail Filing ~ $15 without bath/style service

For the pet who has everything, enhance their spa visit with these luxurious add ons...

Aquassage ~ $12 ~ A gentle jetted nozzle, massaged in circular motions over your pet's body from head to toe, provides the perfect release for muscle tension and anxieties.  Ideal for seniors and nervous pets, aquassage promotes relaxation, circulation and fluid movement through tired joints, leaving them feeling invigorated.

Sugar Scrub ~ $12 ~ A natural and gentle exfoliant, sugar unclogs pores and provides a deep clean.  Leaves pet's skin glowing and healthy and promotes healing circulation and skin cell turnover. Check our BLOG for more detailed information on the benefits of this spa service.

Pawdicure ~ $10 ~ After an exfoliating sugar soak, a soothing conditioner is massaged into aching pads, reversing the negative effects of environmental irritants.  Spruce up with a paw pad trim, nail buffing, and pawlish (optional) for the perfectly pawdicured look.

Hot Oil Treatment ~ $15 ~ Imagine your pet enveloped in a warm, moist body wrap while deep conditioners penetrate the skin and coat bringing relief to seriously dry and irritated skin.

Full Body Mud Wrap ~ $25 ~ If your pet is plagued by external allergies, oily or flaky skin, this product will work wonders.  All-natural Dead Sea mud is hypoallergenic, and pulls out toxins, opens pores, and replenishes skin and coat with naturally occurring minerals and nutrients. 

Deshedding Treatment ~ $20 ~ Specialized shampoo and conditioner help loosen and expel excess dead hair.  Paired with a vigorous full body brushout and gentle vacuum suction, this treatment removes dull and unhealthy, shedding hair.  

PlaqClnz ~ $20 ~
3 step Zinc based dental routine to break down plaque and tartar, heal gum tissue, and immediately freshen breath.  Check our blog for more information regarding this phenomenal product or visit the PlaqClnz website.

Cage Free Styling ~ $20 ~ Customized spa treatment for the pet who does not wish to be delayed and needs to get on with life.  Perfect for the owner who wishes to stay and watch the styling process.

Private Appointments ~ Call for pricing details ~ This exclusive appointment opportunity is perfect for the discriminating dog owner or the pet who responds better to being pampered with no one else in the salon.  Visit our BLOG page for more information.

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